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Product returns

If any kind of order has a defect, our company is committed to its replacement. In case of return, the product should be shipped with the accompanying documents and full packaging.

In the event that our Company is unable to replace the defective item with another customer's own or equivalent counterparty, then it will cancel the transaction by returning the value of the item in the same way as the original customer's payment to the company.

In particular, if the transaction is through a Bank, then the Company will request the Issuing Bank to cancel the transaction and the Bank will then proceed to any transaction provided for under the contract it has concluded with the customer without further liability of the Company. The time and manner of execution of the money-back is the responsibility of the Bank and not of our Company. In the case of cash on delivery, it will be credited to a bank account that will indicate in writing to the Company the amount of the refund.

Terms and conditions of product returns

The refund request must be made in writing via e-mail: within 14 days of receipt of the products.

The product to be returned should be accompanied by a copy of the relevant retail receipt.

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