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Our promise to you

Endeavoring incessantly towards an increase of our services’ quality / price ratio, Diachel has succeeded in creating an individual personality.

  • With deep knowledge of the market's demands, and the extensive product range on the other hand, with prompt responses and fellowship behavior, we want to continue developing, by proposing integrated solutions to individual diagnostic problems; not just to sell a product.
  • We advise ways towards more valid and early diagnosis.
  • We treat every particularity or special requirement of your laboratory individually, by isolating its needs and improving its capabilities, regardless of the laboratory size.
  • We want our manpower to be considered as a part-time member consultant of the client laboratory.
  • Client success is our intention. We provide support by using modern high-tech instruments, straightway, consistently with concern. We will never improvise, if we are not absolutely certain about the answer.

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