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Diachel proposes integrated efficient solutions for Medical or Industrial Laboratories, in the fields of bacterial and viral infections diseases, endocrine disorders, prenatal testing and fertility, allergy markers, food intolerance markers, immunological and hematological tests sepsis, diabetes, calcium metabolism, clinical chemistry and molecular biology, quality control reagents and standards, as well as everything about automatization on Immunological Analyzers and supplementary Laboratory Equipment.

The working techniques are Immunoenzymatic – Enzymometric (EIA, ELISA μ-capture), Radioisotopic (IRMA, RIA, RRA), Nephelometric, Chemiluminescence (ILMA), e.t.c. Diachel offers automatization and application services, on our instruments as well as your Laboratory ones.

This webpage contains a comprehensive list of products, along with expedient information, that you can browse or search via an especially friendly interface. The product range covers the interests of all private or public Laboratories in the fields of Public Health, Research, University or Governmental Authorities for food testing or human / animal diseases.

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