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INgezim FeLV VET (FeLV p27 antigen (visual ELISA))

INgezim FeLV VET (FeLV p27 antigen (visual ELISA))
INgezim FeLV VET (FeLV p27 antigen (visual ELISA))
  • Product Code: IN.ΚΤΗ.00019

Double antibody immunoenzymatic assay for Feline Leukaemia Virus antigen detection in cat sera or plasma samples. Τhe kit contains: microplate (8 x 4 wells), positive and negative control, conjugate, washing solution, chromogen solution, substrate, stop solution and plastic pipettes. The reading is made by visual colour turn detection.

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Factory code16.FLV.K.9/32
Packaging 32 Tests
Sample typeSerum / Plasma
Incubation time 10 minutes
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Official manufacturer siteOfficial site
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