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POC (Point-Of-Care) Analyzer - GETEIN 1100

Emergency Immunofluorescent Analyzer.

Basic panels of urgent examinations such as Cardiology (Troponin I, nt Pro-BNP, CK-MB), venous thromboembolism (D-DIMER), infection (hs-CRP), sepsis (PCT) etc. Simple to use and highly reliable. Use of reagents in the form of an individual long-term cartridge (24 months) in 25 kits.

Each cartridge has a separate built-in control to ensure the quality of each result.

Results in 3-15 minutes and sample type (whole blood, serum, plasma, urine) depending on the parameter test. Simple calibration process using an ID chip inside the reagent kit. Ideal for use in a wide range of departments (Laboratories, ICT, ICU, MSD, Clinics etc.).

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