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Corporate social responsibility

From its very first years of operation, the company recognizes its responsibility not only in its internal environment but also towards the community as well as the natural environment and incorporates corporate social responsibility in its activities.

The company's internal environment ensures working conditions in accordance with safety and hygiene standards and provides an exemplary working environment.

The company adheres to its commitment to the consumer and of course to the public health it has served for 35 years.

It promotes and supports public health-safe products and continuously researches and improves its products and services.

As part of its activities, it promotes innovative ideas and products with the lowest possible footprint of infectious waste and energy consumption.

In addition, the company employs human resources without any cuts in the difficult years of the crisis, but also helping in reducing youth unemployment rates in recent years. Notable is the contribution of Diachel. hiring new full-time university graduates with the sole purpose of filling the gap between university theory and corporate practice.

The social support of vulnerable social groups and the contribution to the social community extends to the whole of Greek society (donations to charities, hospitals, in-kind donations, voluntary donations, etc.).

In the context of the natural environment, the company recycles the residues of its daily activities and has received the
ISO14001 environmental certificate and other recycling certificates from relevant certified organizations.

All the above systematic actions, practices and initiatives are implemented with responsibility and discretion and are fully integrated into the corporate culture of the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility & COVID-19

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, the company maintained its full reflectives.

The first concern of our company in these difficult and demanding conditions of the pandemic was and still is, the absolute guarantee of the hygiene and safety of our employees, as well as of our visitors.

Targeted prevention actions, from entering the workplace and on each floor separately, along with the already long distances between offices, which our new building generously offered us, made our work possible.

Thus, the smooth operation of all departments has never stopped, facing this invisible enemy, without even thinking of sending not even one employee to a Public fund or making any reduction in working hours, which of course would lead to reduction of wages.

This choice of the company's management had the admirable result of always being present in requests of the Public Health sector, responding in a short time, serving directly with products, ensuring continuous operation of its analyzers and operating with the Higher Corporate Responsibility in this difficult battle that is still continuing.

Very important is that the company participated in the evaluation of its reagents for the determination of IgG / IgM / IgA antibodies against SARS-COV-2 in the designated Reference Laboratories in Athens and Thessaloniki, thus contributing to the great issue, which is the evaluation of the community immunity range.

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